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Fairlead’s Venture-Stage Experience

Over the last 5 years Fairlead has supported over 10 venture-stage companies with business planning, executive management, fundraising, and strategic exits. We helped raise Seed, Series A, and Series B financings and have an extensive database of venture-stage investors to support future fundraising efforts.


Selective experience includes:

  • Provided strategic planning and CEO services for Nirenberg Neuroscience LLC, a computer-vision focused AI company based in New York City. While working with NN’s founder, Dr. Sheila Nirenberg, raised seed financing and then negotiated a lucrative license agreement with Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) to provide human‑like vision to Ford’s autonomous car development program.
  • Organized and led the recapitalization of Luminoso Technologies, an AI company that provides proprietary natural language understanding to its customers. Subsequently, while providing CEO services, designed a new business plan and grew ARR by a factor of 2.4x, and successfully raised a $10M Series B financing from new investors.
  • Provide CFO/COO services to Discourse Analytics, an AI-powered “nudge” technology driving retention rates among universities and financial institutions. Currently working through the arrangement of bridge financing in preparation of a Series A Financing.
  • Provided back-office accounting services to several VC-backed companies on both interim and ongoing engagements.
  • Engaged by Sensemetrics, a VC-backed San Diego-based industrial IoT company to advise on corporate governance, business planning, and fundraising activities.
  • Engaged by PingThings, a data analytics software company that provides data visualization and machine-learning tools to the utility industry. We serve on the Board and helped the company raise $1.2M in bridge financing while the company prepares for a future Series A financing.
  • Engaged by Core Motors to assess viability and develop a business plan. Subsequently provided CEO services and focused the company on market assessment, business plan development, and fundraising.
  • Served as Acting-CEO for Bionic Sight, a biotech company working to commercialize a prosthetic device to restore sight for certain types of blindness. We led the negotiations of a Collaboration Agreement between Bionic Sight and Applied Genetic Technologies Corporation (Nasdaq:AGTC) to finance the company through Phase I clinical trials.

Fairlead's Energy and Infrastructure Asset Management  Experience

On behalf of a fund manager, engaged to oversee an oil field services Company with over $300M in annual revenues. In addition to a role on the Board of Directors, Fairlead placed a CFO and Controller into company to revise and execute a new business plan in response to falling oil and gas commodity prices. Fairlead’s resources developed new and actionable reporting for the company, revamped its overall financial reporting process, and assisted the company in refinancing its existing debt.

Engaged by a fund manager to assess a proposed investment into a small portfolio of North American biomass plants totaling 60 MW. After the acquisition, Fairlead was engaged to oversee the investment, which grew through acquisitions into a 145 MW portfolio of biomass assets. Fairlead worked with management to develop comprehensive monthly reporting, held a seat on the Board of Directors, and provided direct support in the operations of the company.

Following on an evaluation that Fairlead was retained to perform on a Brazilian-based junior miner, Fairlead was engaged to work with local management to develop the mine at a pilot scale while engaging with industry participants to finance the commercialization of the mine. Fairlead provided ongoing updates and reporting to the investor group on the company’s performance.

Engaged to evaluate and assess a German-based biomass and cogeneration platform company. Following the initial assessment, Fairlead was retained to oversee the company and implement a revised business plan tailored to match changes in Germany’s Feed-in-Tariff (FIT) program. Fairlead subsequently managed the sale of the company to two separate German buyers.

Following Fairlead’s assessment of a specialty chemical manufacturer based in Nevada, Fairlead was asked to oversee the investment, including upgrading the company’s financial and business reporting processes. Fairlead subsequently managed the $80M sale of the company to its largest customer.

Following Fairlead’s assessment of a Texas-based producer of frac sand for the oil & gas industry with over $40M in annual sales, Fairlead was engaged to oversee the execution of the company’s revised business plan and financial reporting processes. Fairlead subsequently managed the $100M sale of the company to an industry competitor.

Fairlead was retained to oversee a Florida-based developer of an innovative and high-quality fertilizer derived from waste material. Fairlead worked with the management team to attract additional financing and the company is now operating a plant designed to produce 80,000 tons of fertilizer annually.

Engaged to assess and redevelop a business plan for a Colorado‑based manufacturer of small-engine motors, oversaw the implementation of that plan, and revamped the reporting for its venture capital owners.

Engaged to oversee investment in recently built 25 MW geothermal plant in Nevada. As the investor’s representative and chair of a subcommittee of the Board of Directors, Fairlead orchestrated the production of actionable operating reporting that facilitated a shift in the investor group’s understanding of the investment. Fairlead subsequently managed the sale of the plant to NYC-based private equity group.

Engaged to assess the valuation and prospects for a waste-to-energy platform investment built around a U.S.-based 3,000 ton-per-day waste-to-energy plant. Following the initial assessment, Fairlead was engaged to revamp the financial reporting of the investment. Based on Fairlead’s industry and technical knowledge of the waste-to-energy industry and corresponding recommendations, the investor-group scaled back its financial commitments to the investment.

Engaged to assess the technical and market prospects for an activated carbon producer in Hawaii. Following Fairlead’s assessment, the investor group engaged Fairlead to oversee the company and limit their financial commitments to the investment.

Retained by a fund manager to represent them on the Board of a publicly traded retail gas and electricity provider with 250,000 customers across the U.S. Fairlead subsequently worked with the Board and Management to sell the company to a large electric utility.

Retained to oversee and represent a fund manager’s position in a critical waste-management and district energy infrastructure project in Detroit. Fairlead was asked to lead complicated 5-party negotiations with the city, electric utility, and other owners, which resulted in the legal, financial, and operational consolidation of the district energy and waste management components. Fairlead combination of technical, operational, financial, and industry skills facilitated a comprehensive solution that preserved a critical part of Detroit’s infrastructure.