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Comprehensive operating partner solutions for investors and their portfolio companies.

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Navigate with confidence and speed with Fairlead as your partner

Since 2010, Fairlead has bolstered portfolio companies on behalf of institutional owners, boards of directors, and management teams with hands-on Operating Partner, Interim/Fractional Executive Leadership,  and Supporting Services that drive change and increase value with confidence and speed.

Fairlead Advisors...


Our services are geared towards institutional investors, boards of directors, and management teams.


We provide comprehensive assessments of portfolio companies undergoing significant changes, drawing upon our extensive experience to deliver insightful and actionable recommendations.


Fairlead delivers tangible results based on the recommendations we make, working closely with our clients to ensure that they achieve their strategic objectives.


Unlike Consultants Who Advise From Afar

We work best when we work collaboratively with management teams to improve performance and successfully meet owner objectives. Where appropriate, we augment existing management teams and fill gaps in leadership and expertise.


Our Commitment to and Confidence in Your Success

Is reflected in our fee structure. Designed to match the realities of a private equity and VC investments, we tie most of our compensation to your success and limit current fees to a fraction the fees charged by the large management consultancies and financial advisory firms.

Fairlead is Ready

To make hands-on portfolio company assessments, implement solutions, and guide your portfolio company to the best possible outcome.