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Comprehensive business assessment and interim management solutions

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Portfolio Company Assessment and Interim Management Services

For private equity and VC investors who are concerned about the trajectory of a portfolio company, Fairlead Advisors provides the full suite of customized assessment and change management services needed for you to realize the best return on your investment.

Unlike the large restructuring advisors and management consultancies burdened by massive overhead costs and large minimum fee requirements, Fairlead has assembled an experienced team of professionals with the skills you need at a fraction of the cost and disruption caused by others. Fairlead makes available the capabilities and results of large consultancies for small and mid-sized portfolio companies.

Fairlead Advisors provides a skilled and experienced team of professionals to solve problems for PE and VC owned companies. Our team members combine C-level leadership experience with hands-on problem-solving skills to bridge the gaps between busy institutional owners, boards of directors, and management teams that are facing financial, strategic, and/or operational challenges.



Long-term relationships with institutional owners


To assess, advise, augment, and/or act in interim and semi-permanent executive roles as part of portfolio company management teams


Teams that can ramp up quickly and provide multi-level and multi‑faceted support


Unlike Consultants Who Advise From the Outside

We work best when we work collaboratively with management teams to improve performance and successfully meet owner objectives.

Where appropriate, we augment existing management teams and fill gaps in leadership and expertise.


Our Commitment to and Confidence in Your Success

Is reflected in our fee structure. Designed to match the realities of a mid-market investment, we tie most of our compensation to your success and limit current fees to a fraction the fees charged by the large management consultancies and financial advisory firms.

Fairlead Team Members Are Prepared

To lead organizations, manage teams, bring functional and industry expertise to the table, make decisions, and act as individual contributors.