Strategic Assessment & Business Planning

Strategic Assessment & Business Planning

Financial investors depend on company management to give them unvarnished information, but is there a way to verify the information?  Annual financial audits and quarterly board meetings help, but getting real-time verification of the state of the business requires an independent team with the right experience.

We have assessed 20 different portfolio companies, and rewritten business plans for 75% of these companies.  Our backgrounds as CEO, CFO, COO, Controller, and restructuring officer in large and small companies enable Fairlead to assess companies and get them back on track.

An independent assessment often leads to a fundamental change the course of the business, including:

  • The acquisition of a critical supplier
  • The sale of the company to a key customer
  • The end of putting good money after bad
  • Adjustments to better align management with owners

While the specific outcome depends on an objective assessment of the business, in all cases the financial investors are positioned to protect and optimize the value of their investment.

Our work is differentiated because our recommendations come with the ability to put plan into action.  We backup everything we do with a commitment to implement changes upon request.

Sample engagements include:

  • Restructured the business plan for a waste-heat recovery development company and transformed the company into a successful biomass-to-energy platform;
  • Assessed the business plan of a venture capital sponsored manufacturer of small electric motors;
  • Designed the business plan for government-owned company renewable energy company in the Middle East;
  • Assessed the financial viability of a district energy company in Ohio that, following our recommendation, was transferred to a municipal entity;
  • Acted as restructuring officer for US based oilfield services company
  • Assisted an innovative fertilizer company raise new capital to build their first operating facility
  • Created a new business plan for a specialty chemical manufacturer suffering from recent Chinese tariffs; and,
  • Designed a new business plan for a German energy platform in response to regulatory changes.